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RSK x Julian Dova – Ya She Do

08 Oct 2016 / in Song by

California-based, Dubai-bred RSK links with Julian Dova to bring us Ya She Do.

It’s right about that time. As most of the country gets colder, so does our music. RSK and Julian Dova provide the perfect chilly night driving tune with Ya She Do.

This one isn’t subtle, and it’s not meant to be. Brash, bold, and exact, Ya She Do churns on with whirling synths and rapid hi-hats as RSK and Dova reveal the portrait of a woman about her business.

Razor sharp atmosphere is built through the well layered production and intelligently laid adlibs. All of this stacking swells to a massive breaking point at the end of the cut, giving Ya She Do a sense of urgency that is both fresh and exhilarating. Expect to be looping this joint hard.

Tunji Ige – Bring Yo Friends

Bring Yo Friends has been visualized to perfection. Directed by Glassface, Marcus Hyde, Child Artt, Molly Rose, & Manbaby.

That cut that pushes crowd participation up to eleven at last has been blessed with Glassface sights. As always, Glassface (along with Marcus Hyde, Child Artt, Molly Rose, & Manbaby) illuminates the mind’s eye, pulling out all the stops to turn Tunji’s Bring Yo Friends audio into visual.

This time around the visual seamlessly dances between real life and cartoon animation, with all the beauty the world brings as a backdrop to Tunji and his Bring Yo Friends tour members, among other special guests.

Even if you’ve played this jawn a hundred times, you’ll be down to loop this mesmerising visual for a while. It’s too powerful not to.

Double A – Patience

02 Oct 2016 / in EP by

Indianapolis’ own Double A shares Patience EP.

Indianapolis rapper, Double A, has just dropped a four-track EP, Patience, to give us something to listen to as we patiently wait for his highly anticipated project, Delawhere.

Patience mainly sheds light on the hip-hop world from an up-and-comer perspective, by touching on originality, identity, blog placements, gassing up other rappers, and trying to make it out here. The project features production from Soulection artist, Esta, and other renowned producers who keep the vibe nostalgic and loose.

Double A lays down the melodies and the bars throughout the project, with one feature from longtime collaborator, Mardi. Patience will keep you motivated while Delaware is on its way.

The Weeknd – Starboy (Ft. Daft Punk)

28 Sep 2016 / in Music Video by

When an artist or band decides to alter their outward image in any sort of way, often they distance themselves from their past, whether that be failures or successes.

With the announcement of his Starboy album, scheduled to be released on November 25th, and the reveal of its artwork indicating Abel had cut his hair, this seemed to be where The Weeknd was headed as well. That inference just became an especially apparent truth, as Abel dances through these sights with a neon pink cross, literally smashing pieces of his past. Plaque’s destroyed, cases filled with trophies smashed. Nothing within Abel’s view left unharmed.

The Weeknd is entering a new chapter. One with zero regard for the past, completely pointed toward the path ahead. It couldn’t be anymore exciting. November 25th cannot come soon enough.

Facer – Press

23 Sep 2016 / in Song by

BrainBandits’ own Facer (Glassface) and Rare MP3s put a fresh spin on late oughts chillwave with Press. Art by Facer and Worldwide Yung.

Angelic to the point of a numbing happiness, Press is that cut you’ve been waiting for. Whether you realize it or not.

BB’s own Facer (Glassface), providing vocals and production, with a little production help from Heaven in Stereo, Dutchboy, & Noah Breakfast, has dug up chillwave from the dead for an encore performance to end them all, combining it with modern future sounds to craft a sound so bright and bold it’s destined for morning alarm application, or better yet, as that song one plays when they’re currently down and out, and they no longer want to be.

It’s only right that this is cut #33 of the now legendary Rare MP3s catalog. Among the other top shelf heat, exactly where it belongs.

James Fauntleroy – Anywhere’s Cool

20 Sep 2016 / in Song by

James Fauntleroy hits us with another loosie, entitled Anywhere’s Cool.

When the message and sonics are this married, there isn’t a chance for anything other than gold. James Fauntleroy’s casual attitude toward location details combined with his signature doctored vocal and heavily distorted instrumentation strike this exact coupling.

Beyond just that, Fauntleroy’s vocal holds an uncertainty alongside his so called uncaring demeanor displayed through the lyrics. More times than not, a casual demeanor is a mask hiding uncertainty and fear, Anywhere’s Cool encapsulates this blend of complex emotions that many will relate to, and does it without making it obvious, or, conversely, too obscure.

Amir Obé – No Peace (Prod. by NYLZ)

13 Sep 2016 / in Song by

Amir Obé shares NYLZ-produced No Peace.

Since the release of his three track EP, Won’t Find Love In The Hills, Amir Obé has been fairly quiet. He proved himself to be the king of hypnotic sounds and unapologetic honesty and he’s still holding true to that with No Peace.

The Detroit artist tells FADER that the track is “an expression of suffocation” from a woman, which is very apparent as he spits every bar with sincerity and emotion.

Frequent producer, NYLZ, killed it with a cold, aggressive beginning and a brightening transition to a reggae beat. The transition, along with the switch up in flow, perfectly symbolizes Obé being freed from the relationship and finally finding some peace. Check out No Peace below.

Mardi – August The Ride

13 Sep 2016 / in Project by

Mardi continues to share choice tunes with August The Ride.

Just because August is over, doesn’t mean this project has to be. Up-and-comer Houston artist, Mardi, has spent well over a year capturing the many moods and moments of the month of August and now, it’s finally here.

From trying to get a grip on reality to late nights in the city, Mardi tells a story of the final month of summer. Mardi’s flows and unparalleled melodies will have you vibing and bumping as you reminisce with the twenty-one-year old and his few collaborators, Pat App and Double A.

The production features from Millz Douglas, Cian P, Dreamchild, and Nova are perfectly compiled and varied to match the conglomerate of emotions we face with summer’s ending, specifically the final track, Summer’s End. Be sure to check out August The Ride below and stay tuned for more of Mardi’s work.

Code Green – Too Silly RMX (Ft. King Mez)

08 Sep 2016 / in Song by

Rhode Island’s own Code Green and King Mez come together and share their Too Silly update.

Backed by a smooth flutter of keys splayed out over three and a half minutes, Too Silly is a moody joint with a strong sense of self and plenty of introspection. So, of course, when they tapped King Mez to provide his bars, it only made sense.

This RMX is a interpolation more so than a new vision, but when the vision is so vibrant, there’s almost no reason to morph what is already on the canvas too much. That being said, King Mez’s added elements certainly bring this cut to another, higher, level.

Code Green – Chemical

26 Aug 2016 / in Song by

Code Green drops Chemical.

Rhode Island trio, Code Green, has just released Chemical.

The group continues to trap on this dazed, cold track. “Ima chemical, straight animal,” sings one of the members on the chorus, with a monotone, crispness to his voice.

However, an uncanny part about the group is that they all sound different, which isn’t something we always see. They’re distinct rappers who combine their flows and tones to make icy anthems, and Chemical doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below.