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Tunji Ige – Why Don’t You?

Tunji and Glassface share the New New sights for Tunji’s New New Why Don’t You?.

In his long anticipated reappearance, Tunji Ige arrives in grand fashion on his newest track, Why don’t you?, confirming that time doesn’t diminish talent or taste.

Why Don’t You? is a dawning track release for those unfamiliar with Tunji’s work. This song is a new promotion for someone already deeply submerged into the hip-hop world.

Listeners are directly in the heart of Tunji’s talents. The union of vocals, lyrics, and production appear effortless for Tunji. His dedication for making a refined return pays off tremendously, generating appreciation for his commitment to the music scene.

Tunji upholds his creative mind in the lyrics. The rhetorical question is continuously followed by smooth reasons to be convinced into his empire. Why Don’t You? has the perfect hook, catching listeners into hearing what Tunji is arranging in his future ahead.

Adding to the lyrical content, Tunji’s voice is an enticing factor in listening to Why Don’t You?. His voice adds a spice to his lyrics, making Why don’t you? a zesty appetizer while we wait for more to come from him.

The background production of Why Don’t You? is an auspicious assertion that Tunji is grinding towards the top. The instrumental is mesmerizing and provocative as if Tunji’s is addressing his own question through the perfectly syndicated beats.

Most of the time, veterans don’t get the luxury of redoing first impressions, but Tunji has used that oddity to his advantage; knowing that his absence created a gap in new content, Tunji took his talents out of remission and set a new standard in what is to be released by him.

Tobi Lou – Game Ova

26 Oct 2016 / in Glassface, Music Video by

Tobi Lou’s debut Game Ova sights, directed by our very own Glassface.

Few things are better than when a visual medicates you just as much as the audio with it does. After watching Tobi Lou’s video for Game Ova, that’s exactly how you’ll feel.

Glassface kills it once again with the vibrant colors, trippy effects, and overall direction of the video. There’s something so serene and innocent about the empty arcade, along with the other settings, that it perfectly mirrors Lou’s vibe, as he speaks on his romantic mishaps of playing games. The Chicago artist told Pigeons and Planes that he “saw a lot of bad videos this year so I just wanted to make a really good one”.

The deed is done and he also leaves us with a sneak preview of an upcoming Glassface-produced (under his music moniker Facer @facerandcompany) track that absolutely knocks.

Tunji Ige – Bring Yo Friends

Bring Yo Friends has been visualized to perfection. Directed by Glassface, Marcus Hyde, Child Artt, Molly Rose, & Manbaby.

That cut that pushes crowd participation up to eleven at last has been blessed with Glassface sights. As always, Glassface (along with Marcus Hyde, Child Artt, Molly Rose, & Manbaby) illuminates the mind’s eye, pulling out all the stops to turn Tunji’s Bring Yo Friends audio into visual.

This time around the visual seamlessly dances between real life and cartoon animation, with all the beauty the world brings as a backdrop to Tunji and his Bring Yo Friends tour members, among other special guests.

Even if you’ve played this jawn a hundred times, you’ll be down to loop this mesmerising visual for a while. It’s too powerful not to.

Tunji Ige – On My Grind

Tunji’s week continues with the New New Glassface-directed On My Grind sights. Shouts to FADER for the premiere.

Now you know you’ve been waiting for this one. On My Grind has been blessed with the Glassface sights.

This time around we’re treated with plenty of city shots, tons of that Glassface typeface play, and a healthy dose of beautiful women to round things off. Of course, Glassface never leaves things as simple as the above may sound. Wild shots, layered images, & a variety of colors are utilized thoroughly.

And there’s even a nice little sneak peek at the end. How you like that?


28 Jun 2013 / in brainbandits, Glassface, Video by

This video features Danny Brown + Nakim going over a EDM-esque beat. With clips from your favorite movies, video games, pornos, in the same vein as Asaad’s Leatherface visual the video is composed of all found footage as part of my LOST+FOUND series. The song is off Nakim’s forthcoming #REPPIN project.

Wonda – Please Don’t Listen To This Song (Video)

Please don’t heed the title of this song. This is the second video off Wonda’s now defunct The Naked Girl From The Internet. This song will appear on Wonda’s forthcoming project entitled Windy.

Wonda is a Chicago-based artist that has been a longtime collaborator with BRAINBANDITS.

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28 Apr 2013 / in brainbandits, Glassface, RDBN, Video by

Around the release of #WHITE, I shot this video with RDBN. The plan was to put a group of people into a hotel room, and capture a performance amidst a real party scene. Due to legal circumstances surrounding the video, it was never released. Over the past several months and a lengthy investigation and legal battle, a settlement was recently made that accommodated both the interests of BRAINBANDITS and the family of the individual involved. We’ve been cleared to release the video for the time being.


10 Apr 2013 / in Glassface, Video by

I’ve followed GrandeMarshall‘s career from the start. No really, the start. I remember chopping it up with him on message boards when we were both still in grade school – he’d send me songs, I’d make him album artwork.. I’d send him beats, he wouldn’t rap on them. Shit, I still have maybe 10 of his old songs, and they’re all still dope. I remember hearing one of the first songs he’d ever recorded, before dude’s voice had even dropped, and knowing he had what it took to be something great. The talent he exhibited then was something to watch, but the progression he’s shown in the past year alone is nothing short of amazing. When he played his first show in NYC last year, I knew it was something I had to capture. I hit him up and we shot what was the first video interview with GrandeMarshall, and the first video for BRAINBANDITS (we were going by iheartbrain at the time, but you know.) We went on to work together again for his first music video for “Thuggin Shidd Pt. II”. The week before it was released, Grande signed to Fool’s Gold Records, at only 18 years old.

Today, Grande dropped his second project, MUGGA MAN, a 21-track tape with production by GrandeMarshall himself, Ben Pramuk, Nascent, SamGreenS, MP The Gawd, Stackz Beats, among others. The project is a testament to Grande’s progression, and marks his first label release in what I’m sure will be an impressive career.

Stream / Download the tape after the jump. Read more →


07 Mar 2013 / in brainbandits, Glassface, Video by

Had the chance to link up with Phony PPL over the summer to co-direct and edit this video for Sheriff PJ. Shot in NYC and Connecticut. Directed by sperry and Glassface, produced by Sperry, edited by Glassface. Presented by BRAINBANDITS &’s video channel:


09 Nov 2012 / in brainbandits, Glassface, iheartbrain by

This is a loose track over a Lazy Kev beat. Shoutout Obama, shoutout mom and dad, shoutout Netflix. “We just wanted to do better than our parents did.. or live different, I can’t figure what the difference is.”

Mixed & Mastered by Tunji Ige