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BYRAM – I Hate You. Never Leave Me.

30 Nov 2016 / in EP by

BYRAM puts pain to audio for I Hate You. Never Leave Me..

The man runs against the sunrise on a dirt encrusted path; is he running to his future, or away from his past?

Throughout I Hate You. Never Leave Me. BYRAM, cold and indifferent, uses ingeniously juxtaposing warm summer production to answer that leading question. The EP is at it’s core a real time processing of raw emotions. BYRAM runs through regret, resentment, bittersweet relief, and everything in between that twisted rainbow.

Anyone who has experienced a tough relationship, maybe that happened at the wrong time, or between the wrong people at the right time, will connect with I Hate You. Never Leave Me. on a level far beyond the average artistic statement.

In the beginning of I Hate You. Never Leave Me.‘s visual, the man is so well layered that only his head is left unclothed, by the end of his long, stressful jog, he is completely unclothed. So much time has elapsed, it’s almost hard to imagine this was the same man we started with. Even if it’s not possible to know if he’s running away, or onward, he is different. Sometimes that’s all the results one needs.

Code Green – 7 Day Trip

21 Nov 2016 / in EP by

Code Green bring out the official debut EP, 7 Day Trip.

Inspired by a real-life seven day trip, Code Green’s 7 Day Trip acts as the debut from the group. A type of mission statement; something to transmit to future fans what exactly they’re getting in on.

From here, what exactly that looks like seems to be slow churning cuts, ruminating on relationships and the past, getting passed that remuneration, and aftermath of all that. 7 Day Trip is understated and emotive without losing a focus on Code Green’s strengths as a vibe-building crew.

That’s the top draw, too. For all those times that call for relaxation, 7 Day Trip is exactly the sort of the record to call on. As a debut release, it’s also a positive sign for the future; any addition to the growing faction of relaxed-heat makers is a blessing.

Double A – Patience

02 Oct 2016 / in EP by

Indianapolis’ own Double A shares Patience EP.

Indianapolis rapper, Double A, has just dropped a four-track EP, Patience, to give us something to listen to as we patiently wait for his highly anticipated project, Delawhere.

Patience mainly sheds light on the hip-hop world from an up-and-comer perspective, by touching on originality, identity, blog placements, gassing up other rappers, and trying to make it out here. The project features production from Soulection artist, Esta, and other renowned producers who keep the vibe nostalgic and loose.

Double A lays down the melodies and the bars throughout the project, with one feature from longtime collaborator, Mardi. Patience will keep you motivated while Delaware is on its way.

Blackbear – Cashmere Noose

06 Aug 2016 / in EP by

Blackbear releases six song project, entitled Cashmere Noose

“I‘m sorry” writes Blackbear alongside his new six-track EP, Cashmere Noose. The project isn’t as dismal as it sounds but, if there’s one thing we can always give the Los Angeles artist credit for, it’s his authenticity and this project is no exception.

Although Cashmere Noose may be a bit more content heavy than his last project, Drink Bleach EP, it bumps just as hard. The intro track, Sniffing Vicodin in Paris, instantly catches your attention with its guitar riffs and playful sample. Blackbear continues this west coast sound on the next two tracks while he talks about needing new friends and superficial relationships, giving an interesting euphoric twist on seemingly depressing topics. He slows it down a bit on Sometimes I Want 2 Die and Princess Complex but his fabricated production and pleasing vocals make it hard to not vibe to. He ends the EP on a buoyant note with a poppy/electronic track about the bad love he undeniably gives out.

Overall, Cashmere Noose is the perfect conglomerate of songs we need. When we’re feeling down, the upbeat sounds will lift us up, and so will Blackbear’s relatability. He openly touches on honest feelings, structures each song with many dimensions, and continues to push genre boundaries. We can definitely expect big things from the twenty-three-year-old while he’s still coming up. Check out Cashmere Noose below.

Michael Christmas – Baggy Eyes EP

25 May 2016 / in EP by

Ahead of the Bring Yo Friends tour, Michael Christmas drops the Baggy Eyes EP.

It’s right in the name of the project; Baggy Eyes EP; for those in need of a small collection of relaxing records, you’ve found all you need right here.

Michael Christmas turned every stone to find the absolute finest in smooth, yet varied production. With summer approaching, don’t be shocked when you hear some of these cuts in beach or reunion playlists. You really should be the one dropping them in yourself. Let the knowledge of dope music ooze out to the public.

The Baggy Eyes EP is a project that has sneaky heat on it, too. International Champion, What You Got 4 Me, Who Cares; As a matter of fact, there’s only eight tracks, so really anyone of these joints could blow up, or at the very least catch the critics ears the right way.

Don’t forget to catch Michael Christmas joining Tunji and tobi on the Bring Yo Friends tour, either. That would be as big a mistake as passing up on listening to this gem.


Sam Greens – Rugs EP

14 May 2016 / in EP by

The Rugs EP is upon us.

It ain’t hard to tell the future beats game is stale; Almost everyone is doing the same thing, and, mostly, if they’re not, they’re just making the same track with a different name. Of course, the key words in those sentences are “almost,” and “mostly,” because there still is fresh stuff out here, for instance, what Sam Greens has pulled together here with the Rugs EP.

Over the brief course of five songs, Greens establishes himself as one of the major movers of the beats game, whether realizing it or not. His pop-tinged, shifty, happy industrial, is reminiscent of PC music without the oft-overindulgence.

Rather than injecting the usual, stale New Jack or Electro-Trap elements, Greens, with Rugs points instead to Ambient, Acid, or 90s IDM styles.

It’s fresh while pushing forth memories of the pioneer movers of the Electronic umbrella, and there’s really nothing else to be asked of from any one release. Hopefully others take note of Greens individuality, rather than the antidote to Rugs sound.


Tunji Ige – Missed Calls

01 Apr 2016 / in EP by

It’s here at last.

Everything Tunji and the crew have done so far this year, all the hard work and perseverance has led up to what Tunji is presenting today; Missed Calls is the antidote for what the game has been withdrawn from.

Road To Missed Calls, directed by Glassface.

Seven songs, all standing alone just as strong as side-by-side. Missed Calls isn’t flavor of the week music, it’s much bigger than that. There’s too much fine detail here for any of that. Wherever, or whenever this is thrown on, it’s a going to be an experience; enjoy.



24 Jan 2016 / in EP by

GDG enters 2016 with FORTHETIMEBEING EP.

Big, moody, abrasive, and industrial isn’t a description line usually followed by “banger”, or “party ready,” but that’s something Goon Des Garcons is a master of pulling off: Larger than life bangers that are as appropriate at the house party as they are in your rage-induced “leave me the fuck be” music selections.

FORTHETIMEBEING EP, other than being tighter and maybe a little cleaner, isn’t much different than GDGs other releases, and that’s a damn good thing. Goon has dropped nothing but pure gold up to and including now.

PAPARAZZI (INTERLUDE) Directed by Goon Des Garcons himself.

This EP is an extension of that, with its familiar combination of bombast and emotion. There are plenty of artist that have attempted to occupy this lane within the last year or so, but Goon is on another level with it right now, definitively pulling away from the pack. At its brisk EP runtime, FORTHETIMEBEING is essentially a reminder of this more than anything; a reminder that you wont be forgetting anytime soon.

Maximus MMC & FAB – Kinship

05 Nov 2015 / in EP by

Maximus MMC & FAB crush the competition with ‘Kinship’.

Sometimes all it takes is four songs. Sometimes, even though the entire industry has been scrambling, releasing anything and everything to see what sticks, to see what will captivate, sometimes it only takes four well thought out songs to make all of that hast and panic look like even more of a joke than it already is.

Maximus MMC & FAB, with ‘Kinship’, absolutely unveils that industry hilarity, and not just in four songs either, because the feeling, what will cause hair to stand, comes in about twenty five seconds into ‘Sorry’, the opening statement of ‘Kinship’. Just about as soon as Marine Randriantsalama’s vocals trickle in.

Marine and her mesmerizing vocal alone isn’t what makes this record, of course, as big a factor as she is. Maximus MMC & FAB’s inserting of a medley of musical styles, middle eastern, future, industrial, among others, is the kicker. Of course, Marine’s Indian vocals perfectly accent and accentuate the global atmosphere that all these complimenting sounds end up building.

Most important of all, MMC & FAB do not rely on ‘Sorry’ to drive the EP. So many artists seem to think one song will carry their short discs, and no one will notice that the other three to five songs are sketches or straight up alterations to the big song; ‘Kinship’ is the antithesis to this; all four songs are a life of their own, tenderly crafted by MMC & FAB.

When it’s all said and done, the game matters none. ‘Kinship’, even if viewed in isolation without considering opinions on the current state of music, is undeniable. Songs this complete and independent, while still forming a tight cohesive aural fabric, would be championed in any era. No matter how strong the competition.

Jabbar – Out On Bond EP

04 Nov 2015 / in EP by

Jabbar of the Lousy Human Bastards! drops the ‘Out On Bond’ EP.

With help from the usual suspects, MitchGoneMad, Snubnose Frankenstein, as well as Rakim Sirrah, Jabbar has done it again. Be prepared for harsh bars over slow ride night time bangers.

One bump of even just ‘Danger’, the closer, will sell you on Bar. It’s got that vintage nasty grimy edge to it. That sound that Jabbar has been tinkering with, perfecting little by little.

Really, though, you should be well acclimated with Bar at this point. He’s been churning out heat for a while now, and ‘Out On Bond’ is no different.