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Terror Jr featuring Father and Lil B- Come first

16 Feb 2017 / in Song by

Previously resting doormat for months, rumors are erupting once again following the most recent release from Terror Jr, Come first; Gossip that Reality star Kylie Jenner is the pop trio’s lead singer has resurrected over the similarity between voices. Read more →

Migos featuring Travis Scott-Kelly Price

31 Jan 2017 / in Song by


Off of Culture, the latest album from the current hip-hop sensation Migos, Kelly Price is a moody look into the lifestyle of drugged-out characters. Following up the success of Bad & Boujee, Migos’ style is now submerged into mainstream hip-hop; Kelly Price highly appeals to fans of trap production, but riddled clichés this song fails to maintain interest for those wanting more imagery in the lyrics.

Kelly Price is lengthy and becomes redundant with roughly two minutes left on the track. The strength of this song comes from Quavo and Travis Scott; Quavo delivers a mesmerizing chorus while Scott provides a punchy verse. Scott takes charge of Kelly Price, confirming that his talent shines through in familiar-sounding company.

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Tunji Ige – Why Don’t You?

Tunji and Glassface share the New New sights for Tunji’s New New Why Don’t You?.

In his long anticipated reappearance, Tunji Ige arrives in grand fashion on his newest track, Why don’t you?, confirming that time doesn’t diminish talent or taste.

Why Don’t You? is a dawning track release for those unfamiliar with Tunji’s work. This song is a new promotion for someone already deeply submerged into the hip-hop world.

Listeners are directly in the heart of Tunji’s talents. The union of vocals, lyrics, and production appear effortless for Tunji. His dedication for making a refined return pays off tremendously, generating appreciation for his commitment to the music scene.

Tunji upholds his creative mind in the lyrics. The rhetorical question is continuously followed by smooth reasons to be convinced into his empire. Why Don’t You? has the perfect hook, catching listeners into hearing what Tunji is arranging in his future ahead.

Adding to the lyrical content, Tunji’s voice is an enticing factor in listening to Why Don’t You?. His voice adds a spice to his lyrics, making Why don’t you? a zesty appetizer while we wait for more to come from him.

The background production of Why Don’t You? is an auspicious assertion that Tunji is grinding towards the top. The instrumental is mesmerizing and provocative as if Tunji’s is addressing his own question through the perfectly syndicated beats.

Most of the time, veterans don’t get the luxury of redoing first impressions, but Tunji has used that oddity to his advantage; knowing that his absence created a gap in new content, Tunji took his talents out of remission and set a new standard in what is to be released by him.

Review: Jeremih & Chance The Rapper – Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama

10 Jan 2017 / in Review by

Jeremih & Chance send through an Xmas gift with Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama.

Holiday jingles and eggnog are Christmas classics. Overly simplified lyrics, doleful emotional sentiment, and reoccurring, commonly overused, hooks throughout the album make Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama another classic; that being a weak concoction that receives more praise for being around during heightened spirits than something truly tasteful to enjoy throughout the entire year.

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Kid Cudi Shares Shades of First Days Glory

05 Jan 2017 / in Review by

Kid Cudi’s long tumultuous journey has led him right here.

The “Kid” has returned. Leaving the experiential punk sound behind, Kid Cudi’s lead single off his sixth studio album (Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’) shows that nobody tops his ear for producing a late night hip-hop track. Drugs, parties and women, The Frequency is a look into how an ideal night manifests for this angsty artist.

The Frequency’s has the catchiest hook of 2016, making nights of psychedelic tripping and copious sex seem irresistible. This hook catches you into the track, leaving you desiring for more of Cudi’s tripped-out experiences.

In the midst of any chaotic night, The Frequency sets a mood of leisure. The slowly melodic rhythm is smooth, and with Cudi quickly rapping overtop, the mind takes a soulfully refreshing relax. Reminiscent to his earlier hit Pursuit of Happiness, Cudi embraces his neo-psychedelic style that he refrained from in his previous album Speeding Bullet to Heaven.

Music Video for Kid Cudi’s Frequenncy, directed by Cudi himself. Article continues below.

The sense of urgency in his flow is a convincing flair to an otherwise mellow song. The tempo of his words is opposite of the rhythm that plays under his voice. Singing, as well as his signature humming, are caught in the mix of his rapping, creating a remarkable trifecta in his vocal performance.

Cudi’s mantra to experience a successful night of antics is to simply follow the good vibes happening. Let love lead, and you’ll be rewarded accordingly. A message that couldn’t fit into the despair of Speeding Bullet.

The Frequency is a reintroduction for this tenured hip-hop artist. The emotionally distraught Cudi is dormant in this single. This song is a fresh beginning for our big brother, liberating himself from the self-indulgent music that captured the worst of depression and suicidal thoughts. Now, Cudi has returned to his roots, appealing towards casual listeners and passionate followers alike.