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Monte Booker – Raindrop, Droptop

16 Jan 2017 / in Song by

Monte Booker takes a crack at the Migos’ smash hit with Raindrop, Droptop.

With the extreme amount of tweets and jokes using Migos’ opening line of Bad and Boujee, the track has gotten plenty of attention, bringing it to number one on the Billboard 100 list and bringing about a good deal of remixes.

One of those remixes was done by Soulection producer, Monte Booker, who frequently collaborates with St. Louis rapper, Smino Brown. Monte flipped the trap sound by using Migos’ vocals over a light, bouncy electronic beat. He weaves together springy, what resembles raindrop, sounds and a soft bass to make an upbeat, techno tune that is perfect if you’re getting a little tired of the radio (and the internet) overplaying the original. As dope as Bad and Boujee is, Monte added a different twist that’s worth a listen.

Adam King – Dream Girl

16 Nov 2016 / in Song by

Adam King shares Dream Girl.

Everybody needs some good vibes as we get into winter, and that’s exactly what Adam King gives us in his recent release, Dream Girl.

The Naptown emcee lays down some poetic bars as he struggles to cross paths with the girl of his dreams, because as he puts it, “Keep the Double D’s. What’s underneath? What’s a freak up in the sheets if she go easy on the streets?” Adam King’s flows and wordplay are complimented by his unconventional production featuring some pleasant keys, a minor guitar riff, and an overall cross-genre sound.

Be sure to check this out Dream Girl below.

Tobi Lou – Game Ova

26 Oct 2016 / in Glassface, Music Video by

Tobi Lou’s debut Game Ova sights, directed by our very own Glassface.

Few things are better than when a visual medicates you just as much as the audio with it does. After watching Tobi Lou’s video for Game Ova, that’s exactly how you’ll feel.

Glassface kills it once again with the vibrant colors, trippy effects, and overall direction of the video. There’s something so serene and innocent about the empty arcade, along with the other settings, that it perfectly mirrors Lou’s vibe, as he speaks on his romantic mishaps of playing games. The Chicago artist told Pigeons and Planes that he “saw a lot of bad videos this year so I just wanted to make a really good one”.

The deed is done and he also leaves us with a sneak preview of an upcoming Glassface-produced (under his music moniker Facer @facerandcompany) track that absolutely knocks.

Nessly – Focus

25 Oct 2016 / in Song by

Nessly shares New New Focus.

Following his mixtape release, Still Finessin, in May, Nessly puts out Focus to show us he’s still working and not complacent with where he’s at.

“I ain’t losing focus, I ain’t getting cozy,” sings the Atlanta artist over an organ-playing, soft trap beat produced by Outtatown.

The two combine their sounds every now and then to make what sounds like a fusion between R&B and trap, that always turns out heat. As we continue to hear from Nessly, he will continue to catch momentum. Peep Focus now.

Jon Waltz – Riot

19 Oct 2016 / in Song by

Jon Waltz re-enters the game with Riot.

Jon Waltz has been progressively changing his sound since the release of his EP, Alyss, by brightening his production, heightening his vocals, and perhaps showing a bit of Memphis through.

This new track, Riot, definitely follows that progression with a playful, soulful sound, some funky backup vocals, and a couple of bells and whistles in the background. However, the Memphis R&B artist does not compromise his lyricism as he talks about a multitude of things. He tells the FADER that, “it started as a song about rich kids in Calabasas… and then turned into a song about generational values and internal conflict. It’s about who I was five years ago versus who I am today”.

It’s not hard to tell that Waltz has been taking his time crafting his music in every aspect and will continue to impress us with his versatility. Check out Riot for a reminiscent, easy jam.

Double A – Patience

02 Oct 2016 / in EP by

Indianapolis’ own Double A shares Patience EP.

Indianapolis rapper, Double A, has just dropped a four-track EP, Patience, to give us something to listen to as we patiently wait for his highly anticipated project, Delawhere.

Patience mainly sheds light on the hip-hop world from an up-and-comer perspective, by touching on originality, identity, blog placements, gassing up other rappers, and trying to make it out here. The project features production from Soulection artist, Esta, and other renowned producers who keep the vibe nostalgic and loose.

Double A lays down the melodies and the bars throughout the project, with one feature from longtime collaborator, Mardi. Patience will keep you motivated while Delaware is on its way.

Amir Obé – No Peace (Prod. by NYLZ)

13 Sep 2016 / in Song by

Amir Obé shares NYLZ-produced No Peace.

Since the release of his three track EP, Won’t Find Love In The Hills, Amir Obé has been fairly quiet. He proved himself to be the king of hypnotic sounds and unapologetic honesty and he’s still holding true to that with No Peace.

The Detroit artist tells FADER that the track is “an expression of suffocation” from a woman, which is very apparent as he spits every bar with sincerity and emotion.

Frequent producer, NYLZ, killed it with a cold, aggressive beginning and a brightening transition to a reggae beat. The transition, along with the switch up in flow, perfectly symbolizes Obé being freed from the relationship and finally finding some peace. Check out No Peace below.

Mardi – August The Ride

13 Sep 2016 / in Project by

Mardi continues to share choice tunes with August The Ride.

Just because August is over, doesn’t mean this project has to be. Up-and-comer Houston artist, Mardi, has spent well over a year capturing the many moods and moments of the month of August and now, it’s finally here.

From trying to get a grip on reality to late nights in the city, Mardi tells a story of the final month of summer. Mardi’s flows and unparalleled melodies will have you vibing and bumping as you reminisce with the twenty-one-year old and his few collaborators, Pat App and Double A.

The production features from Millz Douglas, Cian P, Dreamchild, and Nova are perfectly compiled and varied to match the conglomerate of emotions we face with summer’s ending, specifically the final track, Summer’s End. Be sure to check out August The Ride below and stay tuned for more of Mardi’s work.

Code Green – Chemical

26 Aug 2016 / in Song by

Code Green drops Chemical.

Rhode Island trio, Code Green, has just released Chemical.

The group continues to trap on this dazed, cold track. “Ima chemical, straight animal,” sings one of the members on the chorus, with a monotone, crispness to his voice.

However, an uncanny part about the group is that they all sound different, which isn’t something we always see. They’re distinct rappers who combine their flows and tones to make icy anthems, and Chemical doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below.

Lancey Foux – Do You Like it?

26 Aug 2016 / in Song by

London’s own Lancey Foux releases Do You Like It?

If Desiigner, Lil Uzi, and Young Thug were one person and lived in London, you’d get Lancey Foux.

Lancey’s biggest hit, About It got him huge attention in his country, leaving him on the come up ever since. His raspy voice and trap-like low was hard to not enjoy. However, his recent release, Do You Like It?, diversifies his sound with a harmonious, wavy beat and tasteful vocals.

Regardless of the sound, he still keeps his stellar lyricism which is always respectable. The track’s soft feel and bouncy hook will have you vibing hard. Check out Do You Like It? below.