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Xavier Lee + RobOlu – Jumpin

10 Feb 2017 / in Song by

Xavier Lee and RobOlu premiere a new cut off of the upcoming RBB EP, entitled Jumpin. Produced by D/ERRICK.

World Premiere. It’s Xavier Lee. It’s RobOlu. You already know.

The first thing you feel on this one is without a doubt the energy. It’s been clear for the longest that Lee and Olu got that on lock. Even here, though, it’s on another, previously unseen level from these two.

The constant bar trading matched up against D/ERRICK’s playful production might be to thank for that immense energy, who knows for sure; all that’s obvious is that Jumpin is a heater of the highest order. It’s raw, it’s crazy, and it’s too damn fun. Repeat for full effect, it’s a must. And be on the lookout for that RBB!

Olawumi – Alone

06 Feb 2017 / in Song by

Olawumi re-enters the spotlight with new single, entitled Alone.

On the surface of every Olawumi single, generally, is one strong message. Alone brings forward Olawumi’s love for her significant other. However, the true center of the song isn’t so clear cut.

While it’s clear that love is the dominate trait of Alone, there is an undercurrent of insecurity that seeps out of each uttered lyric. Sadness and fear of an uncertain future heavily weigh on Olawumi’s love.

What makes Alone its own creature is not the undercurrent, it’s the power of love conveyed and how the multiple emotions balance out. While there is fear and loneliness in her words, Olawumi is expressing a grand happiness above all else.

Alone features admirable complexity without suffering from obtuseness, making for a welcome return cut, as well as just an ace cut in general.

Presston – What’s Next

24 Jan 2017 / in Music Video by

Tre banks captures raw footage for Presston’s What’s Next sights.

Wouldn’t capturing raw footage, catching life happening right before you, be the perfect representation of Moment(s)? The answer seems to be an obvious yes.

Presston has been putting it down since before the release of Moment(s) [listen below], but had one not been paying attention, with these What’s Next sights, they might be feeling the satisfaction of finding a favorite new artist. A “hidden gem” if you will.

These What’s Next sights may be short, but the life in each shot is alluring. That life is certainly matched by Presston’s What’s Next audio, too. This is exactly the sort of feeling, if captured again, that will take Presston from hidden gem to generational highlight.

BYRAM – I Hate You. Never Leave Me.

30 Nov 2016 / in EP by

BYRAM puts pain to audio for I Hate You. Never Leave Me..

The man runs against the sunrise on a dirt encrusted path; is he running to his future, or away from his past?

Throughout I Hate You. Never Leave Me. BYRAM, cold and indifferent, uses ingeniously juxtaposing warm summer production to answer that leading question. The EP is at it’s core a real time processing of raw emotions. BYRAM runs through regret, resentment, bittersweet relief, and everything in between that twisted rainbow.

Anyone who has experienced a tough relationship, maybe that happened at the wrong time, or between the wrong people at the right time, will connect with I Hate You. Never Leave Me. on a level far beyond the average artistic statement.

In the beginning of I Hate You. Never Leave Me.‘s visual, the man is so well layered that only his head is left unclothed, by the end of his long, stressful jog, he is completely unclothed. So much time has elapsed, it’s almost hard to imagine this was the same man we started with. Even if it’s not possible to know if he’s running away, or onward, he is different. Sometimes that’s all the results one needs.

Presston – Discretion (Ft. Breana Marin)

29 Nov 2016 / in Song by

Presston continues to impress with the traction building Discretion.

When it comes to side-love, discretion is key. That, of course extends beyond the act, and right into story and song legs, as well. It’s all in the details.

Presston paints those details with a fine brush, too. Mixtures of emotions wring out as the minutes slow drip by; the production supporting the subtleties with soft adjustments, churning, building, and breaking intensity filling the track with an uncertain atmosphere. Breana Marin complementing these forces with delicate additions of her own.

It isn’t hard to see Discretion as a sort of sleeper hit that sneaks into everyone’s playlist this winter season. Presston and Breana display a perfect balance between catchy and artistic restraint; this one begs to be played during any and every rainy night drive. Get on that.

Code Green – 7 Day Trip

21 Nov 2016 / in EP by

Code Green bring out the official debut EP, 7 Day Trip.

Inspired by a real-life seven day trip, Code Green’s 7 Day Trip acts as the debut from the group. A type of mission statement; something to transmit to future fans what exactly they’re getting in on.

From here, what exactly that looks like seems to be slow churning cuts, ruminating on relationships and the past, getting passed that remuneration, and aftermath of all that. 7 Day Trip is understated and emotive without losing a focus on Code Green’s strengths as a vibe-building crew.

That’s the top draw, too. For all those times that call for relaxation, 7 Day Trip is exactly the sort of the record to call on. As a debut release, it’s also a positive sign for the future; any addition to the growing faction of relaxed-heat makers is a blessing.

Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

11 Nov 2016 / in Song by

December 2nd is real. Gambino has returned

It’s been three years since the release of Because The Internet, two since Kauai / STN MTN. With today’s release of Me and Your Mama, it’s confirmed that rumors earlier this week were true; December 2nd marks the return of Childish Gambino, with the release of Awaken, My Love!. Today, we get a glimpse of what’s to come with Me and Your Mama.

Charting Gambino’s progression between releases, its hard to imagine this is the same artist that released Freaks and Geeks.

Gambino has come a long way from supplying us with smirk and chuckle-worthy lines, and if Me and Your Mama, the opening track to Awaken, My Love!, is anything to go by, we’re about to enter an entirely new, funkier, dustier chapter of Gambino.

Unfolding with a light and delicate choir of vocals, backed by synth, unobtrusive bass, and well-timed snapping, Me and Your Mama almost sneaks into your ears, until Gambino drops the true needle of the record, screeching from the bottom of his soul, throwing in all of the funk (a wall of guitars, snappy drumwork, laser noises, really the whole nine) to back that marvelous belt.

Me and Your Mama goes from great background ambiance to a full-on funk assault in the drop of a hat, from slow dance to a freak show, as Gambino belts out declarations of love for his woman. Eventually retreating to a calm, ending on a note of tranquility, bringing everything back to earth.

The structure of this cut tells a story of the beginning of a relationship, complete with the whispers of hope in the relationship, the confidence that it’s a real love, all the way to the de-escalation that takes place when both parties become comfortable and at peace, with one another.

For anyone that’s missed full-bodied funk, for anyone in need of a good love story, for anyone that’s simply missed the music of Donald Glover, or even for anyone curious as to where Glover’s Gambino persona would go next, Me and Your Mama is a real treat. The prospects of having ten more songs in the same vein should have everyone wide awake in wait for December 2nd.

Newman – PRISM

06 Nov 2016 / in Song by

Set the table. Put Newman name on it. PRISM is here. Episode one of T$A Collective’s 5 Out Of 5 is here. World Premiere.

Take notes people. There’s nothing like a track busting out of the gates with high energy. Newman’s PRISM is the type of song people run to when celebrating, when trying to match their elevated moods, or, hell, even when they’re just feeling themselves like that.

It’s fitting too, really; PRISM marks the beginning of a T$A Collective series in which at least one member of the team will drop a track for the series every Sunday at 5pm. That triumph brass backing wasn’t just for Newman’s health, this is truly a celebration.

Producer Rascal really did it with this one. The beat builds and swells to new heights and locales, including sample-based pit stops, all while Newman does whatever he damn well pleases. PRISM as a whole really does have to be praised for its aura of complete and total freedom. You’ll feel it to the core. And will, without a doubt, keep returning back.

BYRAM – How You Love

02 Nov 2016 / in Song by

BYRAM sets up the release of upcoming I Hate You EP with the release of How You Love.

Opening with somber mood-building keys and ice cold trap drumwork sets the stage for BYRAM to display a troubling and complex relationship.

How You Love, rather than eliciting warm and welcoming flavorings offered, often offered by these sorts of other-half worshipping cuts, more so will point the mind toward a swirl of uncertain emotions; providing more questions than answers about the relationship BYRAM ruminates over.

That rumination is the key difference, too. All throughout, where many would deliver these lyrics in a sickly sweet manner, BYRAM instead cries them out. Each verse essentially unraveling an uneven, disturbing love (“And you’re feeling crazy/do not be afraid/now you’re speaking my language”…”And how you say I compliment you too much”).

This disturbance from the norm largely lends How You Love its status as one of the more affecting releases in recent memory. The I Hate You EP is without a doubt on our radar now.

Larry June – I’m Workin’

17 Oct 2016 / in Music Video by

Can’t you see June workin?

Don’t you hate it when people question your availability? I mean, you have to be sick and tired of that “wyd” right in the middle of your shift right? Maybe not, but if that just so happens to be your situation, Larry June’s I’m Workin’ is the anthem.

The video is a must view, on top of all that. Who doesn’t want to see June moving oranges through a complex network of sexy women wielding guns? Give me a “not me,” I dare you!